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Paediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery is a new sub-specialty of surgery dedicated to management of surgical conditions of fetus, neonates, infants and children. The surgical problems of children are completely different when compared to adults and the principles of management are also completely different. Many children born with life threatening congenital anomalies require urgent surgical intervention failing which the prognosis becomes very poor.


Pediatric surgery is a highly demanding subspecialty and requires round the clock availability of pediatric surgeons, pediatric anesthetists, pediatricians, PICU and NICU facilities and appropriate nursing staff specifically trained in managing pediatric surgical patients.

Urgent Pediatric Surgical Consultation should be sought in :

  • All cases of abdominal distention
  • All cases of bilious vomiting
  • All cases of constipation
  • All cases with visible peristalsis
  • All cases of urinary tract infection
  • All swellings or lumps
  • All cases of congenital malformation


  • Congenital anomalies
    • Anorectal malformation
    • Tracheesophageal fistula
    • Diaphragmatic hernia
    • Meningomyelocele, Encephalocele
    • Congenital hydrocephalus
    • Intestinal atresias
    • Biliary atresia
    • Congenital defects of abdominal wall
  • Neonatal Emergencies
    • Neonatal intestinal obstruction
    • Neonatal intestinal perforation
    • Mid gut volvulus
  • Pediatric Urology
    • Phimosis
    • Hypospadias
    • Epispadias
    • Exstrophy of bladder
    • PUJ obstruction
    • Vesicoureteric reflux
    • Undescended testis
    • Congenital hernia and hydrocele
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
    • Biliary atresia
    • Choledochal cyst
    • Hirschsprung’s disease
    • Intussusception
    • Pseudopancreatic cyst
  • Pediatric trauma
    • Blunt injury of chest and abdomen
    • Penetrating injury of chest and abdomen
  • Pediatric oncosurgery
    • Neuroblastoma
    • Nephroblastoma
    • Eratoma
    • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Pediatric endoscopy and laparoscopy


Dr. Chandra Shekhar Singh MS,M.Ch(Paediatric Surgery)

Please contact 8945524357 to book an appointment for Pediatric Surgery at our Hospital. Our coordinators will get back to you with your appointment confirmation details at the earliest.

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